Faberhaus has a lot to offer:

Turnkey construction: Faberhaus is at your side as general contractor if you want to build a property on your property.

Conversion and refurbishment: Faberhaus will be happy to work with you to develop a concept for the conversion or refurbishment of your existing property, thus giving it a new lease of life.

Property management: Faberhaus takes over the rental management, condominium management, special property management and/or commercial management of your property for you.

Real estate: As a property developer, we also offer you ready-to-occupy real estate such as condominiums (ETW), apartments, semi-detached houses (DHH), terraced houses (RH)... To the real estate

For investors, we have an innovative project portfolio in various development phases, which we would be happy to explain in a personal meeting


Solid and customised

Turnkey construction means for us that all services are from one source. Permanent contact partners assure you of a problem-free processing.

As general conductor in the border region of Trier and Luxemburg, we exclusively work with local craftsmen since only trust and many years of cooperation may ensure the best quality. Together with the architect and our engineers you will plan the property of your dreams. Our partner companies act in an advisory capacity to you in choosing interior decor such as floor coverings, tiles, doors, painting work and sanitation. In case you decide you decide on a joint sampling, you may choose from modern equipment of high quality.

Make the best of entrusting Faberhaus as general conductor with your order: Participate actively in planning and equipping your desired real estate, but lean back and trust in Faberhaus as far as the management of your construction project is concerned. Nowadays, time is our most precious good. Use your time for things that are more important.
Construction could not be more straightforward and time-saving.



Life means change

Life means change: new challenges, new tasks, new demands. Whether you are interested in conversion, extension or complete renovation - Faberhaus designs a residential environment which adapts to your living conditions.
With due regard to the latest standards in engineering and materials we construct your property. We act in an advisory capacity to you in all matters - no matter if you would like to renovate or redevelop.



Property management made to measure

Since 2016 faberhaus Ltd has been offering property management of every description - our own holdings as well as other ones. This decision was conclusive because of excellent regional networking with suppliers and building contractors as well as because of a great demand from our customers.
We take care of our clients as well as of external home and flat owners by means of sound specialised knowledge as well as valuable contacts with building contractors and service businesses - customised and adjusted to your needs.

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